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FlatScape [Rainmeter] by Ivaran FlatScape [Rainmeter] :iconivaran:Ivaran 146 131 Abstract Low Poly Wallpaper #1 GREEN by TheArtOfPoly Abstract Low Poly Wallpaper #1 GREEN :icontheartofpoly:TheArtOfPoly 4 0 PS3 Neo XMB Wave tourquise by Werprince PS3 Neo XMB Wave tourquise :iconwerprince:Werprince 4 0 PS3 Neo XMB Wave darkgreen by Werprince PS3 Neo XMB Wave darkgreen :iconwerprince:Werprince 2 0 Sony PS3 XMB Icons Pack by mr-billionaire Sony PS3 XMB Icons Pack :iconmr-billionaire:mr-billionaire 55 29 Dissection of a vessel by jordanglassarts Dissection of a vessel :iconjordanglassarts:jordanglassarts 8 1 Untitled by jordanglassarts Untitled :iconjordanglassarts:jordanglassarts 3 3 xbox 360 controller icon by dembsky xbox 360 controller icon :icondembsky:dembsky 24 10 Playstation 3 Controller Icon by JackieTran Playstation 3 Controller Icon :iconjackietran:JackieTran 167 43 Zsnes Circle icon By myselph by bymyselph Zsnes Circle icon By myselph :iconbymyselph:bymyselph 4 2 Dolphin Emulator - Icon Circle by WesleySouji Dolphin Emulator - Icon Circle :iconwesleysouji:WesleySouji 1 0 Scroling Rss Feed 1.2 by frankm77 Scroling Rss Feed 1.2 :iconfrankm77:frankm77 30 54 LCARS Vector Shapes by Retoucher07030 LCARS Vector Shapes :iconretoucher07030:Retoucher07030 134 22 VClouds Weather 2 by VClouds VClouds Weather 2 :iconvclouds:VClouds 697 1,147 PlayStation3 XMB Icons by Esseti PlayStation3 XMB Icons :iconesseti:Esseti 28 22 GMail Rainmeter skin by apendx GMail Rainmeter skin :iconapendx:apendx 128 47


RGB and Hex Color Code Picker Version 3
A simple color picker skin designed to be added to any skin (using Rainmeter). You can manually put the color code in your self by clicking the text or...

!!!***NOW REQUIRES RAINMETER 4.0***!!! As of Rainmeter 4.0, it does not support Windows XP or Vista anymore

how to use
All 3 versions allow you to type a RGB or Hexadecimal color code by clicking on the respective text boxes. Version 3 lets you select color saturation and value independently, but version 1 & 2 kind of glob together the color saturation and value for quick and dirty color manipulations
**HINT: Left click the text then right click them to copy current color code. I'm lazy and started using this as a separate skin.

Version 1
-First click the "rainbow Bar" to select your hue color. (this sets color saturation and value to full)
-Use the + button to increase "whiteness" (this decrease color saturation by increments of 17/255)
-Use the - button to increase "blackness" (this decreases color value by increments of 17/255)
**Increments can now be changed by clicking on brightness text, but the initial default setting is 17.

Version 2
-Just Click Anywhere on the rainbow and the color codes will be generated.
-Clicking in the center will select the hue color (this set color saturation and value to full).
-Clicking closer to the top will add "whiteness" (this sets color saturation depending where you click, but also sets color value to full).
-Clicking closer to the bottom will add "blackness" (this sets color value depending where you click, but also sets color saturation to full).

Version 3
-Click anywhere on the rainbow bar to set the hue color
-Click anywhere on the biggest square (the black, white, and hue colored box) to set color saturation and value depending on where you click
**you may have seen this kind of color picker before since it the most precise and accurate of the 3 versions.

If you want to add this to your own skin I suggest creating a "set color" or "apply" button to change whatever color variable you want to either "#ActiveHex#" or "#ActiveRGB#" (dynamic variables) with either !setvariable or !writekeyvalue skin bangs.

change log
[Updated 3/26/2017]=Added version 3 (more precise). Overhauled color changing algorithm with a lua script file (based on HSV <--> RGB conversion). Now offers hexadecimal as alternative input/output. Retrofitted previous versions (still found in "variants" of right click menu) to implement the same lua script file and hexadecimal input/output. Also changed all images meters to shape meters. Added indicators in all versions to show where you clicked.

[Updated 4/12/2015]=Removed the "left-over" decimals, Included Version 1 under "variants" of right click menu. Improved code for Version 1 and added option to change the increments in which the brightness is adjusted for Version 1. Increased overall size of both versions to allow for Touchscreen use.

the new + and - buttons are shapes based on the Windows 10 Segoe assets font characters
Steam Launcher 1.0
My new and improved launcher for steam games

-able to resize launcher by hovering over bottom right corner and click on arrow icon
    (enter size in pixels; this number is applied to height and width)
-able to launch steam in normal window by double clicking
-able to launch steam in big picture mode by clicking controller icon
-able to launch origin in by clicking origin icon
    (may need to change origin variable to your install path (set to default program files x86)
-able select a different library folder by clicking on HDD icon( detects up to 3 )

hover over any game banner to show game name and size)
right click any game banner to:
    -download banner (if not done already)
    -open steam library page
    -open steam store page
    -open game folder in windows explorer
    -launch backup game dialogue
    -uninstall game
    -have steam check against system required specifications
        ( I don't think it checks against video card requirements )
    -launch steam game validation dialogue

this is rather stable, but w/ 1 known bug: sometimes a game item gets stuck to one game when scrolling and i don't know why. Any log errors that pop up are normal and to be expected.

Steam icon from…
Origin icon from…
HDD icon from C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll
arrows & controller icon inspired by C:\Windows\Fonts\segmdl2.ttf
Xwing Targeting Computer 1.0
Animated via shape meters ***!!!REQUIRES RAINMETER 4.0!!!***
Modeled after some screenshots I got from Star Wars Episode 4. I specifically made this for GioBonvi's Into Space Skin, but it can be used freely. The animation cycles every minute. To adjust size of skin simply adjust the variable AnimationW and the height will be calculated automatically. The date and time section (including font size) is placed according to the calculated height. The font was taken from the "into Space" skin mentioned above (I don't know its origin) . Any other credits should go to Lucasarts for Star Wars.

Known bug on shape20 of "stayOnTarget" meterStyle: line will go outside the frame. change to 
Shape20=Line (#animationW#/2),((#animationH#/2)-(([loop4:/100]*#animationH#)>(#animationH#/2)?(#animationH#/2):([loop4:/100]*#animationH#))),(#animationW#/2),((#animationH#/2)+(([loop4:/100]*#animationH#)>(#animationH#/2)?(#animationH#/2):([loop4:/100]*#animationH#))) | Extend YellowLines


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ocasioi777 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015
hi hope all is good for you was hoping you can help I have been looking for the player v1.0 I cant seem to find it I had it but some how deleted it and now its no where if you still have it please tell me where I can download it from thank for any help.
2bndy5 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015
I'm sorry. I also deleted the original including the deviantArt page it was posted on. Haven't planned on going back over this skin since I've started a rather large task of trying to emulate the ps3 xmb via rainmeter. But Just because you asked I put a newer version in my stash. Looks and Functions the same just slightly revised since 1.0 <- here it is! Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to post me another comment for any suggestions you may have.
ocasioi777 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
thanks a million, good luck on your ps3 xmb project cant wait to see it when its done have a great weekend.